For a world of Freedom

Innovation is Liberating

Innovation represents something new, and like everything novel, it generates excitement.

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SEEAsia Annual Report 2019

Menuju Indonesia Sejahtera: Esai-esai Kebebasan Ekonomi

Ketika membicarakan kebebasan di Indonesia, aspek ekonomi seringkali luput bahkan masing asing dalam pembicaraan publik. Pembicaraan mengenai kebebasan ekonomu seringkali berada di tataran akademisi...

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Cover Buku Menuju Indonesia Sejahtera

Deema Al-Bakri

I’m Deema Al Bakri, a 25-year-old clinical pharmacist. I am a proud human rights activist where I aim to rise with my society while promoting equality, freedom and secularism. As a young person, I...

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Values of Liberalism

In this series we would like to introduce you to some of the different ideas that compose liberalism. Liberalism is a coherent vision made of various components, and that can be grasped...

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Liberal Values

Ricardo Gomes, presidente de RELIAL sobre la pandemia del coronavirus

Miembros de RELIAL y amigos de la Libertad por toda América Latina: El famoso panfleto “Crisis”, de Thomas Paine, decía en el momento más difícil de la revolución americana: “Estos son los tiempos...

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IR Theories in Times of COVID-19

We conquered space. We landed on the moon. We shared satellite pictures from Mars – yet it took a tiny virus to stop the world from moving. Top executives are sent home to work from their...

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Việt Nam đối diện với biến động kinh tế trong thời kỳ COVID-19

Thế giới đang chao đảo trong khủng hoảng của Covid-19. Đại dịch toàn cầu này chắc chắn không phải nguồn gốc nhưng có thể là nguyên nhân dẫn tới sự suy yếu kinh tế trên thế giới trong thời gian qua....

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Vietnam Economic Response Plan - FNF Vietnam

Coping with Crisis the Vietnamese Way – A Role Model?

The world is currently teetering on the brink of the corona crisis. This pandemic was the trigger of the downturn, but certainly not the cause, which lies much deeper. After the longest economic...

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Vietnam - Economic Response - FNF Vietnam

„Koalition der Hoffnung“ vor dem Aus?

In Kosovo droht der erst am 3. Februar angetretenen Regierung von Premier Albin Kurti bereits wieder der Fall. Mitten in der Coronakrise hat ausgerechnet die mitregierende LDK einen Misstrauensantrag...

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