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Zimbabwe’s 2018 Elections: Transition Fails to Exorcise Mugabe’s Ghost

Despite all the outlined misgivings, Zimbabwe’s elections will be held on 30 July and only an earthquake can stop them, says the ZEC chairperson Priscilla Chigumba. 30 July will mark Zimbabwe’s...

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Zimbabwe Elections 2018

EWA East Europe 2018 Graduated Successfully

 EWA East Europe is a state-of-the-art training programme, organized by the European Liberal Forum, supported by the Regional Office of Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) for East and Southeast...

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EWA East Europe 2018 Group

«Будувати довіру, будувати міста»: Оновлення Фастівського краєзнавчого музею

Проект «Будувати довіру, будувати міста», що реалізується ГО "Структура" спільно з Представництвом в Україні та Білорусі Фонду Фрідріха Науманна за Свободу триває. 17 липня у м. Фастів відбулася...

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Woraluk Sanguankaew

I always wanted to promote freedom. When I was young, my family faced many social injustices. When I grew up, I applied for a government scholarship for human rights study, but my application was...

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FNF Thailand

Freedom Team: Ela Mikhelson in Focus

Meet the latest member of the Regional Office for FNF East and Southeast Europe - Ela Mikhelson. She is our new Assistant to the Regional Director, Dr. Rainer Adam.  Her favorite freedom quote is by ...

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Ela Mikhelson

Eskişehir School Hosts P24 ‘How to Cover’ Journalism Workshop

Eskişehir School, a platform established by dismissed academics in the city of Eskişehir, has hosted P24’s “How to Cover” journalism workshop on June 26, 2018. Held at the Adımlar Bookstore’s seminar...

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Eskişehir Okulu, P24’ün “Nasıl Yapmalı" Atölyesine Ev sahipliği Yaptı

Bağımsız Gazetecilik Platformu’nun (P24) “Nasıl yapmalı” gazetecilik seminerleri serisinin üçüncüsü Eskişehir Okulu’nun ev sahipliğinde 26 Haziran günü Eskişehir Adımlar Kitabevi’nde gerçekleştirildi...

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Asah Kecerdasan Politik dengan Strategic Planning Exercises

Cita-cita besar kebebasan, kemerdekaan, dan jaminan atas hak asasi manusia harus ditopang dengan praktek politik yang efektif. Yang memastikan bahwa kekuasaan politik dapat diraih, supaya dapat...

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Peserta Seminar IAF "Strategic Planning for Political Parties"

Hong Kong’s Augmented Reality Map helps 'See the Sunlight'

AR technology started to gain popularity in 2011 alongside the proliferation of smartphones. Hui began to building capital for his startup in 2012. “There were too many investment options available...

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Drivers of Innovation Brian Hui

Mobilising Women Against Violent Extremism in Mali

Represented to the Minister of Women of the Republic of Mali, at the opening of the seminar to strengthen the capacity of Malian women against violent extremism, the director of legal affairs of the...

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