For a world of Freedom

Prisoner of Conscience: Ahmet Altan

“I will never see the world again. I will never see a sky unframed by the walls of a courtyard,” writes Ahmet Altan, a journalist and best-selling novelist from Turkey, in his latest book, which he...

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Ahmet Altan

‘Campaigning: Strategy & Tools’

Shachar Exmit, political advisor and chief of staff of a member in the Israeli parliament, is sharing his experience about his seminar participation (‘Campaigning: Strategy & Tools’) at our...

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'Campaigning: Strategy & Tools'

Berbagi Nostalgia Alumni Gummersbach

 Sejak dimulai pada tahun 1995, FNF Indonesia telah mengirimkan lebih dari dua ratus peserta International Academy For Leadership (IAF) dengan berbagai topik seminar yang diikuti. Kini, alumni IAF...

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Para alumni IAF Indonesia

Membumikan Reformasi Birokrasi melalui Sadar Kebudayaan

Selain menjanjikan ruang yang lebih terbuka untuk partisipasi publik, demokrasi di Indonesia juga memberikan kesempatan bagi birokrasi negeri ini untuk berinovasi dan membenahi diri. Agenda Reformasi...

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Salah satu kegiatan diskusi kelompok

FNF MENA holds Economic Freedom of the Arab World Conference

What relates changes in the Arab World to Economic Freedoms? The Friedrich Naumann Foundation Middle East and North Africa held a conference with experts from the MENA region as well as from abroad...

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FNF Jerusalem's Annual Weekend Seminar to Rahat

FNF Jerusalem conducted the annual weekend study seminar for the members of its ME 2.0 Palestinian-Israeli Young Business Leaders Forum. The bilateral Forum provided a platform for young...

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FNF Lebanon and Syria's Beirut Innovation in Politics Forum

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) Lebanon and Syria organized the first edition of an innovative forum, aimed at encouraging bright minds and forward thinkers to develop innovative solutions for...

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FFN Maroc holds Innovation Nation Festival 2019

On December 15th, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Rabat, held their Innovation Nation Festival 2019 which combined the latest technology and civic education. Through virtual reality,...

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FFN Maroc

Cybercrime Laws in the Arab World

In the past few years, numerous countries in the Arab World have enacted or updated existing laws to counter cybercrimes. While such laws are intended to govern and perhaps prevent cybercrimes, they...

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Prisoner of Conscience: Roman Sushchenko

In 2016 Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko travelled from Paris to Moscow on a private visit. However, Russian authorities arrested him on suspicion of espionage. They did not inform Sushchenko’s...

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Roman Sushchenko