For a world of Freedom

The Kids of Mishwar Exhibit their Talents

On April 13th and 14th, 2019 the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Lebanon and Syria co-organized a truly unique exhibition with Mishwar NGO at Sarvam Yoga, Gemmayzeh. At the exhibition,...

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Children of Mishwar

Religious Reforms in Druze Society in Israel

We just had a fascinating event together with our friends from the Forum for Liberal Thinking and the Liberal Druze Association discussing reform possibilities in the Druze religion. We tackled...

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Religious Reforms in Druze Society in Israel

Head of FNF Korea met with Japanese experts

Dr. Christian Taaks, Head of FNF Korea recently made a trip to Japan for an exchange of ideas with local experts on political developments and new socio-economic trends in japan.  FNF Korea office is...

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Foundation of Open Society: Individual Self-Determination and Tolerance

This seminar is one of Fredrich Naumann Foundation’s (FNF) initiatives in highlighting open society discussions by gathering 26 participants (including me) of diverse backgrounds from around the...

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Silver linings in Southeast & East Asia

Threats to liberal democracy are increasing. But for FNF, freedom is non-negotiable. The journey towards freedom and democracy is a long haul, but worth it.

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SEEAsia Report 2018

First Women’s Leadership Training for African Liberal Parties

Progress is being made globally to increase the number of women in political leadership positions. Political parties can play a fundamental role supporting more women to get in to politics.

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Womens training

Call for Application - Digital Changemakers 2019 – The Power of Startups – HK Ed

Digitization (synonym: Digital Transformation) is the change associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society. Digital usages enable new types of innovation and...

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Application is Now Open - Falling Walls Lab Myanmar 2019

BE PART OF THE FALLING WALLS LAB MYANMAR ON 31 AUGUST 2019YOUR PRESENTATION• Present your research project, business plan or social initiative – in just 3 minutes!• Get involved in exciting...

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Falling Walls Lab Myanmar 2019

Кто такие "советские люди"?

Предлагаем Вам первый материал проекта "Демократия и свобода", подготовленного в сотрудничестве подкаста Instudies с Фондом Фридриха Науманна, интервью историка Ильи Венявкина. 

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Ilya Venyavkin

Digital Journalism Training

About 30 participants attended this highly successful training tackling the subject of how to thrive in journalism in this new age of technology and an increasingly video-oriented news audience. The...

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