11th Sarawak State Election:

Despite the defeat, PKR managed to defend its seats
11th Sarawak State Election

More than 1.1 million Sarawakians (people of Sarawak) have casted their votes for their state assemblymen on 7 May 2016. The official result shows that out 82 seats being contested in the election, 72 seats was won by the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition, which gave them a solid victory. The People’s Justice Party (PKR) defended their 3 seats, while the Democratic Action Party (DAP) lost 5 of their seats, leaving them with only 7 seats. Overall, the opposition won 10 seats out of the 82 seats in the state assembly. Voter turnout was 70%.

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Numerous issues have been pointed out as being contributing factors to the opposition’s defeat. One important factor was the denial of entry for most opposition party leaders in to Sarawak by the state government. This unfortunate occurrence has prevented them to conduct their campaign let alone be up-close with their voters in Sarawak.

Unlike most of the states in the western part of Malaysia, the atmosphere of campaigning in Sarawak is not as ‘alive’ or as ‘noisy’ as one would expect. The city and its surrounding area remained very still and normal, even on the day of the election.


By gaining a two-third majority in the election, BN believes that this victory is a mandate from the people of Sarawak to the government to carry out development programs in the state.