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About us

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is the foundation for liberal politics in the Federal Republic of Germany. It aims to promote the goal of making the principle of freedom valid for the dignity of all people and in all areas of society, both in Germany and abroad. With the safeguarding and the development of its statutory projects (civic education and dialogue, sponsorship of the talented, research and political consultation, archive-work), the Friedrich Naumann Foundation wants to contribute to shaping the future.

In Germany the Foundation offers diverse forums, mostly for young and talented people, to exchange of information and experience in present-day contexts. Its main focus is to promote a greater understanding of politics and to inspire citizens to take part in political processes.

Abroad, the support of human rights, rule of law and democracy in more than 60 countries form the core of the work of the regional offices in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Central America; various forms of international dialogue and transatlantic dialogue programme are used to promote these three values around the world. The foundation supports local, regional, and national initiatives to advance the rights of minorities, the democratic control of security forces and for strengthening international human rights coalitions.

Furthermore, we assist the development of democratic and constitutional structures by supporting liberal parties and groups. A strong network of associations of democratic parties, of human rights organisations and of academic establishments forms the basis of the foundation’s activity abroad. The foundation’s central idea, both at home and abroad, is the realisation of freedom and responsibility.


International Politics
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International Academy for Leadership (IAF) 

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Liberal Institute
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