FNF ready for digital solutions

SEEAsia OPAL Certificates

“The Southeast & East Asia region of the Foundation is ready for digital transformation. The indicator of that is the attitude that people have here – they are focused on solutions and not on the problems,” said Olympia Tsakiridou, a representative from German IT services company COMDOK.

Tsakiridou conducted a workshop on database management. The Foundation is moving its directory to OPAL Next, a customer relationship management system. The platform will allow the Foundation to reach more people and increase its visibility through data-oriented networking.

“One of our focus areas is digitalization. We want to show that the Foundation truly embraces the issue by adapting digital solutions in our internal processes. Then we are also able to do our work more efficiently,” reminded Siegfried Herzog, Regional Director for Southeast & East Asia (SEEAsia). SEEAsia was among the first regional offices in the Foundation to get a training on OPAL Next.

SEEAsia OPAL Training

18 representatives from FNF country offices in the region, that include Cambodia, Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam participated in the workshop held on July 4-6 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Carrie Li from the FNF Global Innovation Hub in Hong Kong welcomed the shift from conventional formats to more sophisticated digital solutions. “Changes due to innovation are happening very fast, but we can see that FNF is catching up. We, too, are becoming digital changemakers,” commented Li.