Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

An idea of change

We have changed! While we are holding on to our same values, we have freshened up our approach and our appearance foundation-wide.

This year, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom has undergone a global transformation. We have introduced our new logo, the sleek, round F. This is symbolic for the values of transparency, connection, and inclusion of liberal values. Similarly, our new color, the dark blue, represents the values of trust, knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness. The color we are holding on to, magenta, draws attention to the values of imagination and creativity which highlights FNF as the innovation platform for the social communication of freedom worldwide.

This change emphasizes our work as a foundation to turn everyone who is committed to freedom into a defender of freedom for all. It emphasizes taking the chance to change in pursuit of freedom. It emphasizes FNF as an idea of change, which focuses on the opportunities and long-lasting impacts of the liberal mission that the Foundation for Freedom has been pursuing for over 60 years. In short, this change stands for who we are.

And this change would not have been possible without the ideas and impacts of proactive individuals: those within the foundation and those who are our partners. Only with the contributions of these individuals do we generate the genuine and long-lasting impact and influence in our communities. So what do you say, are you ready to join us for the Chance2Change?