IAF : Political Leadership Seminar

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Gummersbach- Currently Secretary and Head of Information for Party Keadilan Ledang, Johor Branch, Mr. Haron Yusof has just attended the Political Leadership Seminar, conducted by International Academy for Leadership (IAF) from 8 to 15 of May 2016. The seminar is aimed to expose a leader for political involvement. It started with understanding leadership at various level of political arena, identifying traits of leaders and assessment of it, then discussion on values that drive leadership and role of leaders. The second part of the program was to impart skills like listening, understanding branding, debating of an idea, high impact short speech and media short interview. The program ended with development of strategic planning for selected participants while other participants acted as consultant to them.

1st activity

The program offered lots benefit for the participant itself. In terms of networking, there are 20 representatives from around the globe. These were one of the great achievements in the program. As long as the participant can reasonably communicate in english or making effort to network, it can be achieved.

The program also teaches few good tools to be used for training program. Those tools are useful to make leadership assessment tangible.

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