Mayrig - Paths to Freedom

An impact of change
Feature31.05.2019Johannes Mieth

Mayrig – Paths to Freedom is an innovative approach to education, using a mobile serious game to raise awareness to historic and current issues. The game tells the story of a young mother and her child escaping from persecution by the soldiers with red flags, suddenly forcing her to leave her home. During her escape, the players have to make difficult decisions, leading either to disaster and death or to survival and a new life far from home. 

At the end of storyline, they will find a connection between the past and the present, linking the experience to the real historical events around the Armenian Genocide and places that are still visible today. By connecting the past to the present, we want to highlight that the challenges of migration and the consequences of discrimination and persecution are timeless.

The idea to Mayrig came from an Armenian game developer, who wanted to tell the story of his great-grandmother, who was a genocide survivor with a unique biography. His idea was picked among many other great ideas at an FNF-organized gamejam to be further developed and published.

Our goal with Mayrig was to connect the historic content of the game to the timeless topic of escape and migration, with the story itself but also with the additional content of the game. We believe that by learning from the past and seeing how the same things still happen in the present, we can work on preventing them in the future! 

For us, Liberalism means questioning the traditional methods of education and trying out innovative ways to reach everyone. With this change we can try making education accessible for everyone but also encouraging talented people to use their skills to create a positive impact in similar projects.