The Survey on the Awareness of Liberalism in Malaysia 2019

News03.02.2020FNF Malaysia
Liberalism Survey in Malaysia 2019
FNF Malaysia

The Survey on the Awareness of the Liberalism in Malaysia 2019 is the final survey comparison between the results in 2016-2019. The reason behind conducting this survey with Merdeka Center for Opinion Research from 2016-2019 is to enable us to understand and acknowledge the trends of the perception and understanding of liberalism among the Malaysian public in general.

Liberalism Survey in Malaysia 2019

The results reflected from this survey shows that the general attitude Malaysians who have heard of liberalism still varies. In fact, the result shown in 2016 did not show a stark difference from the results in 2019. Their understanding of liberalism is still quite low which resulted most of the respondents to give an “unsure” answer towards the understanding of liberalism. On a positive note, most respondents had the opinion that democracy is indeed the best form of government for Malaysia.

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