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Gender Equality
Joana Mamombe is one of three women who were tortured and sexually assaulted by Zimbabwean security forces in May after allegedly staging anti-govt protest over hunger and abuse of Covid-19 resources.

"No Women, No Recovery"

As many female public officials have found during the pandemic, being politically-active in a time of crisis can be dangerous. Violence against women is both a symptom and indicator of broader...

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Lockdown Yaroslavl
Заставка для эфира


Проект "Локдаун" стартовал, пока мир был на карантине, и продолжится, пока страна из карантина выходит.

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"Africa – State Control of Internet and Fake News in Times of Covid-19”

Fake news and disinformation are a growing problem in the digital age. Messenger services and social media make the distribution of such unchecked information, which is often associated with...

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African Media and Press Freedom in the Time of Covid-19

Journalists indicted that media coverage of Covid-19 is largely concentrated on events, updates and statistics. They said the reportage is driven by information coming from the official channels,...

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Covid-19 – A Curse and an Opportunity for Africa

Authoritarian governments across Africa have used the opportunity offered by the Corona-virus-crisis to strengthen their hold on society. In countries like Guinea, Zimbabwe, Togo, Rwanda and Uganda...

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‘Democracy Disrupted: Digitalisation and Human Rights’

Ultimately, the question is moot. Digitalisation, which I’m using as a shorthand for the largely unchecked growth of the social media platforms, the vulnerabilities created by a reliance on third...

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The Impact of Covid-19 on the African Economy

Faced with these serious threats to the sustainability of African economies, the countries have pledged to take up measures of mitigating the impact of the pandemic on their economies particularly...

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Covid-19: A Time for Introspection in Zimbabwe

As of today, my government imposes a 21-day lockdown without the necessary measures in place, at the very least of ensuring that we have water supply. We hear of deaths happening in people’s homes...

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IR Theories in Times of COVID-19

We conquered space. We landed on the moon. We shared satellite pictures from Mars – yet it took a tiny virus to stop the world from moving. Top executives are sent home to work from their...

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